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This web-site, although begun as a personal one, now deals with the Benardout Family world-wide, - its doings, comings and goings and includes an amount of history gathered from as far back as possible - 1178 is the earliest date reached and authenticated.

The main item offered is a short Family Survey put together by an amateur historian, not
as an academic effort but in an attempt at a human portrait. This work seems to have reached its broadest limits, - alas, - although it has been
added to here and there over the years and hopefully will be again.

It is only right and proper to mention immediately that a great deal of the original research work was done by my Cousin Marlene, the daughter of Sylvia and Cole Benardout of London, who like me has found her home in modern-day Israel, but in the more northerly town of Petach Tikvah.

The much more professional Works of others who have found our Family to be of interest have also been brought where possible. The Site is constantly updated when more detail is discovered and supplied by Family members, and recently there was even an approach from a Greek Family, from Zakynthos and the USA, suggesting a possible relationship to us.

However, after a very great deal of reading the historical documents available from a large number of sources, I have not found evidence to support such a relationship. On the one hand, there are further sources in Latin and Greek available only in situ and requiring a heavy investment in logistics, - something, alas, beyond me. It can be said, on the other, that there still remain coincidences too strong to ignore but I must leave it for others to take up the challenge of deeper research. If the evidence is there it has waited hundreds of years to be uncovered and can wait a little longer.

It is to be hoped that you will continue to offer comments and contributions, particularly your own published Memoirs, and that in the course of time the site will become a co-operative effort producing a broad and balanced picture of the Benardout Family then and now.

My own light-hearted Memoirs have already been published in book form but are also included here, and should any-one be interested in a printed copy I will happily send it by mail - cost free of course.