Australasia and the Pacific

One could reasonably guess that most of the Family throughout the world had little idea until recently of relatives in Perth, Melbourne, Tasmania and from the Philippines but now, of course, a dozen will immediately rise up and claim they did know. But kept it to themselves in best Benardout style.

- so please get in touch with as many of them as you can and ask them to submit full Family detail before the geographical and historical gaps grow so wide that they disappear from view altogether.

Actually, some of those in Oz already participate in the Benardout Appreciation Society
Facebook page and have kindly responded, so that there is a little detail available. At least one family of the Australian Branch arrived there from the United Kingdom in 1969, having been for a while in North America too. They today [2019] seem to number a few dozen souls and live in Perth and Tasmania. Marlene Sternbach is in contact with Wayne Benardout in Tasmania and Bebina from Perth is a regular contributor to the family Facebook pages.

One wonders if there may not be others who emigrated there directly from Greece, as so many Greeks did move to Australia shortly after the Second World War.

A Trevor Benardout has been come across but he appears to have returned to the UK and settled in Bushey Park or somewhere....... - he had however served in the Australian Army at the time of the Vietnam fracas. (Oddly enough, it turns out that he married into my late Wife's extensive family, - into an Israeli branch of it no less. Small world !!).

If there are any direct emigrants from Greece we might learn from them more about those who remained in Salonika up to the War, survived or did not survive the Camps and whether they returned to that City at all after their release.

Surfing the Ozzie Web has produced very little to my surprise, - beyond what is already on
Facebook, that is. However, in July 2016, I came across a web-site called : "Lorraine's Cemetry Records Pages " [] which contains this item : Benardout, Maurice Joseph. 8th April, 1938 - 21st January, 2010 at Bunbury, Western Australia, (shown apparently in error as in Norfolk Island, Queensland). The item refers to the late Father of Wayne and then of Zemus from his second Wife, Bebina.

But overall, - not even
one cricketer amongst them !!
Feel free - I will always relate to what you say