My personal Memoirs, - written under the name of Henri P. Benardout aka Aharon Ben Yossef, - have already been published in book form under the title : The Donkey Within Us.

I wrote them because I realised that just as I know virtually nothing about my own Grandparents, my own grandchildren will grow up knowing absolutely nothing about me if I didn't do something about it, and I found that to be quite unacceptable.

Apart from that, it was terrific fun !!

Should you become interested in reading them in printed form, just e-mail and I will happily send a copy, cost-free of course, - there are plenty left.

But if you prefer to save me the postage, you can read them here through the link appearing on the following page, in pdf form, (with a few mysteriously blank sheets).......

One chapter, -
Rowing Saved my Soul - has been edited and reprinted in a world-wide blog on Rowing Matters called "Hear the Boat Sing ", - should any of you be interested in Rowing Matters at all.........