Now Let us Praise Famous Men
Well, - Let's praise all of us actually, - not only the famous ones, for we are all of us A Special Case - (Chaim Raphael).

This chapter title is taken of course from the Anglican Liturgy, - (I hope that offends no-one), - and for the simple reason that it is beautiful English. Some of you may be all too familiar with it from an all too English-English education, just as some of our great-grandfathers in Salonika were imbued with European, particularly French culture and language overlaid upon the traditional Hebrew and Ladino.

No Family record would be complete without a collation of this general kind, - everyone loves to see his name in print, - or at least to bask in the glory reflected off a close relative, and if not that, - then off a distant relative.

The simplest way would be to copy the pattern adopted by most web-sites and biographies, dividing by occupation, profession or subject. To create a bland historical record for the distant future.
Unfortunately, most of us on Facebook do not give occupations, - indeed very little is disclosed for some weird reason - so this is not really possible here.

What is the point of Facebook if you keep to yourself such elementary information as what you do for a living, Oh my Brothers ?

There can be no evaluation of course. I must however award zero points to all, for no-one has actually asked to be included, - after several years of baited expectancy...... (we are almost in 2020). Your
occupation, hobbies and sports are of interest to others surely ? And this is a Family product where all are equal.

There must be plenty out there ! There are other items touching upon the Arts, but the intention here is to painting, sculpture, theatre, literature and the like. Maybe a poet or two ? A dress designer ?

I've mentioned in the "Modern Israel " chapter a
n exhibition held at the Tel-Aviv Cameri Theatre in 2008 of drawings made by a survivor, David Ben Ardut entitled : On the Holocaust but - alas - have not been able to trace further works by him. There are also mentioned there references to books written by the same or similarly-named David, published in Israel.

Your collator wrote his own Memoirs titled The Donkey within Us although whether they have any relationship with Art is a moot point. Any other Memoirs written by a Family member would be happily put on this site, in full, if digitally possible.


Appreciation of the antique Persian or Chinese carpet requires "an eye and a soul " no less so than any other Art form. And although none of our generation appears to have ever made them, there are one or two carpet-makers on the Family Tree from long ago. There are also very many who have had serious professional skills regarding them, and one or two of world-renowned reputation in the field.

The Anglo-Persian Carpet Company in the South Kensington Underground Arcade, is mentioned straight away because it was probably the first and maybe the last truly broad Family business established outside of Salonika. It was London's first specialist antique carpet shop, very-well known indeed, (including to the Royal Family and to the Victoria and Albert Museum), and a highly respected centre of this particular Family skill. It was founded by Aharon HaCohen Benardout and others in 1910 and lasted nigh-on one hundred years although in its later years was no longer in family hands.

The shop itself finally disappeared altogether in 2005 and was replaced by a drug-store owned by a new immigrant-wave. However, an academic article is currently under preparation by a Professor in the USA who has gathered a great deal of information on the Family and the AP in particular for inclusion in her work, which concentrates on the Persian Carpet Trade in London at the beginning of the 20th century.

Raymond Benardout
, now at Beverley Hills, is an acknowledged expert world-wide and author on Antique rugs and textiles, with very many books on the subject to his name, although he is not the only author on the subject nor the only very successful trader.

London and the South-East of England was almost smothered by Benardout carpet shops in the 1950-1960's, - it was a very well-known Family branch of commerce at the earliest stage, - and there are a few still today. One could argue that the artistic skill involved is now solely in that of making money, and one cannot deny that some of the Family has it ! In his day Nissim Benardout was of course the family Leader in this field.

Many of us have shown great skill in losing all the money they made from Woolies, Wilton and Axminster.....providing work for Lawyers from outside the Family.

Then of course there were the repairers and the carpet-cleaning companies, - the most famous of ours perhaps being the cleaning factory at Henley, owned by "Paramount Joe " Benardout.

A definite Family talent for photography has been noticed from Facebook.

But Marc Benardout of LA (born London), has taken this many steps higher for he is already very well-known as an independent Film producer-director, with no mean success in what must be a very challenging if not an even rough business !!

Elsewhere I have suggested, partly in humour, that he look into the possibility of a "Family Film " covering the adventures of the supposed Benardout Notary who accompanied Christopher Columbus to the New World, - linking it cleverly with the work of Joseph in rebuilding the ancient city of Tiberias..........and the life of our Family in Aragon up to the Expulsion......

With all due modesty, there is enough here to produce an epic Benardout Saga - At Last !

Most of my generation was alas made very familiar with the phrase "Gone mechula ! " - broke, bust, bankrupt, brought to an end, - terminated. It was a phrase never forgotten by you collator, ever since his beloved Father did it !! But not every-body went that way of course.

Chain-stores were tried once or twice by Family members in my day, (1950's-1960's), perhaps the best-known at that time being Franses and Benardout, offering carpeting throughout the whole of the South of England.

Another successful chain-shop owner was Mac the hairdresser originally from Ealing. Could some-one give me a little more detail to put in here ?

I've mentioned Daniel D. Benardout of Sidma Steel Products from Athens, but my attempts at generating a response and some detail have been met with silence.

Wayne Benardout appears to be a farmer in Tasmania.....unusual for this Family.

Michael Maximilian and Ramon Benardout founded and developed a chain of shops starting in Epsom in 1974 which went public in 1985 with 8-stores, continued to grow until they sold out in 1997 with 35-stores trading as
World of Leather.

A particularly famous member of the Family, no longer bearing the surname however, - was Stephen C. Fenton, (altogether anglicised of course), - described as "coming from the Benardout family of London Oriental rug dealers ", who acquired a famous USA $20 coin known as the 1933 Double Eagle, - sold eventually for seven and a half million.......... Starting on a stall on the ground floor of Harrods Department Store, he made his way in the Numismatic trade with a vengeance. It is mentioned that his "rug-dealer's blood " stood him in good stead against the wiles and cunning of coin-dealers. Nice one !!
[See David Tripp's book - Illegal Tender].

Marlene Sternbach - Petach Tikvah, Israel, daughter of Sylvia and Cole Benardout, London is a Special Needs teacher and active in Raising Autism Awareness.
Laura Benardout - London, a Special Needs teacher at Auriol Junior School, Stoneleigh, Surrey, UK, where she is in charge of the 5th Class, concentrating on collective effort programs and Life Skills.
El-Ad Ben-Achdut of Holon, Israel, - recently brought within our ken together with his Family, is also a School-teacher, maintaing the Eli HaCohen tradition !
Natalie Benardout - Teacher at Sunnyfields Primary School, down Edgeware way in North London.

None have been traced who chose the Military as a career. Many will have served in National Service and Reserve Duty in this country or that and one cannot of course overlook all those who served during the Second World War, such as the late beloved Sammy Behar, Allegra Behar's son from Shepherds Bush, but professionals seem to be unknown.

From an enquiry made by a distant relative of my late Wife, I recently came across reference to Trevor J. Benardout (born 1947) as having served with the Royal Australian Regiment in South Viet Nam but again - I could find out little more than that he is originally from the UK. Recently however (September 2018) I received a note from Pamela Charlton who knew him in Oz that he had indeed returned to the UK., - 26 Foster Road, Chiswick,........and to the carpet business too.

Shahar Ben Yossef - Beer Sheva, Israel, (son of Henri Peter), has retired as a Senior-Sgt Patrolman in the Israel Police. Any others on that side of the Law ? Probably not.......... - no, didn't think so.

Danine Benardout - London. A Banker, - has worked in several fields such as Foreign Exchange, brokering and share-trading. Maybe she actually makes some serious money ?
Nicolas Benardout - London. Re-insurance underwriter at Lloyds.
Henri P. Benardout - Beer Sheva, Israel. Solicitor-Advocate-Notary. For 10 years sat as Registrar of the Beer Sheva Magistrates (County) Court and for 14 previously served as Bank Secretary and House Counsel to the Barclays Bank subsidiary in Israel, (now known as the Mercantile Bank).

Adam Benardout from London, a professional Body-builder and successful in his Sport from all the accounts found on the Internet . If it is the same Adam, he has become a professional boxer and is to be congratulated !!

Yvonne Lubin
(nee Benardout) from London, had an interesting few years working full-time as a stable-boy with the Johnny Dines stable on Epsom Downs with all the implications of being a NJG amongst all those Irish jockeys. Her excuse : "I was very young at the time ".

"Mac " Mordechai Benardout, - chose this as his way to fame and fortune. Even if he was not in Mayfair nor Kensington High Street, (although he may have later opened there), he ran a string of shops starting in Ealing and Acton in West London.
I understand that his Memoirs are being written or edited, and hope to be updated through them.

Jean Bandler of Toulon, France, worked at a French Airline until retirement but it is not yet known what profession he pursued there.

"Atlantis Travel ", Athens (once with a Branch in Tel-Aviv too), is owned by Shlomo, Zak and Ermandos Benardout of Athens.

There is currently a resurgence of Benardout medical skills in the New World where once our dynasty was famous for them in the Old !! Dr. Dan Benardot of Atlanta, Georgia is Professor of Nutrition at Georgia State University and a world-wide expert on Nutrition for Sportsmen, - advisor to the USA Olympic Team and to other National Teams, author of very many books on Nutrition with world-wide distribution and sales. Please notice the spelling, - not that unusual so it is turning out.

His late Father, Leon Cohen-Benardout was a Doctor in Greece before the Second World War but originally spelt his name : "Benardouth ". Variety is the essence !! I have put up a full chapter on the Family medical practitioners in Spain during the MIddle Ages since some very good direct authority has been found on the subject and this is blended with today's generation.

Tamar BenArdout has just up-dated me with detail of her and Dan's brother - Emile Leon Benardot, - who practises medicine where the Father of the Family once practised, - in Malone, New York. Emile was born 1968 and lives with wife and 3 children. He is a Pediatrician and is known there as "the young Dr. Benardot ".....the start of a new dynasty indeed !!

It goes almost without saying that any further news of Medical Benardouts throughout the World will be very warmly appreciated.

Gary Benardout appears here and there relating to music, (guitar), and writing his own songs, - but more is not clear. Could he update us here ? Is he the same as the Tory fella under Politics ? Or is he from the States ?

The Late Noah Benardout, ז "ל, (born London - lived in Los Angeles), found his Life cut tragically short on the 1st August, 2019, by a drunken driver on the streets of his city. He had really begun to make a professional name for himself as a musician : "Exist Elsewhere " was the name of his first group. Noah's newest music project is called LOVR and its launch was planned for this very summer.

Iasos Joseph Benardot has made a considerable name for himself as a New Age Music Pioneer. His sister, Tamar, continues to place very enlightening items on our Facebook page which elaborate the reputation he already had in the late 1970's and even more so today. In 2016 he was described as "the spiritual godfather " of the psychedelic music Movement so that his status and position as a pioneer have been preserved. A search of the YouTube will give you at least 6 recordings and discussions of his music such as the half-hour "1979 Documentary on Iasos " and "Liquid Crystal Love " and from 1975 "Inter-Dimensional Music ".

Your collator
sang for several years in a pretty good liturgical choir, (all languages), called The Charlotte Chorale (conducted by Eli Gefen of Tel-Aviv), but it was his retirement hobby and made no money at it, so I suppose it doesn't really count. On the other hand, we appeared for 5 days in Armenia in April, 2017, contributing to their own Holocaust Remembrance events, singing in several languages and even daring one hymn in Armenian too......
Federico Tassani of Rimini is a professional musician, a trombonist who has his own Jazz group. Federico approached us mentioning that he was the grandson of a HaCohen Benardout Rabbi, the last one to have been appointed to the Triumvirate of Salonica's Rabbis. He and his Group have at least one Hebrew piece, - Hava Nagila - and maybe more.

Lotti Benardout - presumably from the Family, but who's actual connection I have not yet been able to make, - is the vocalist of a three-man group called HAELOS. They appear in the main, it would seem, in London and the UK. If she herself or others could update me on this we would all be most grateful. If you look at their items on YouTube, for example, you'll find recordings with over one million viewers and raving comments.....success is their lot, without doubt.

James Benardout - of the UK, - (no further detail known), - a guitarist in the modern style. Again, I am not able to make the family connections here - so your help would be much appreciated.
Gary Benardout - a Tory candidate in North London local Council and Ward Elections. Recently married at Holland Park.

Jack HaCohen Benardout : of Wimbledon, London, England. Very successful Oriental carpet dealer and property owner. Jack acted as Honorary Consul in London for the Dominican Republic before and during the Second World War. In this role he is recorded as having issued immigrant visas to German Jews trying to escape the Nazis. Sixteen Families are known to have settled in the Jewish Town of Soussa on the northern coast of the Island thanks to his efforts, but how many others he helped to escape Germany and settle elsewhere is not known.
Feel free - I will always relate to what you say