There would seem to be no point, at this stage, of even looking at a possible format for any kind of Family statistic.

First of all, we can have no idea ourselves of how big the Family is today, - the current Family Tree (2007) includes something to the order of 500 names, both living and otherwise, but it cannot possibly be anything like up to date. To update all this one needs
active cooperation and the participation of everyone, - where-ever they are. The Tree also needs to be computerized, something which could be done on this Site or on a new and quite independant site of course.

Secondly, we still have very little information about relatives outside the United Kingdom for only those are really covered by the Family Tree. There is Family in France, North America, Israel and Australia who arrived there without stopping-off at London, sometimes straight from Greece.

I suspect that references to those who left England in the 1950's and 1960's for the USA are themselves updated only as to one or two generations ex-Londinium. It is all horribly out of date.

And once again one must ask - What possible way do we have at present of knowing which Benardout grand-daughters or great-grandaughters have recently married or re-married, (surely the terrifying divorce statistics apply ?), changed their surnames and brought more Benardouts into the world, - whether called Cowan, Perlmutter or MacCready ?

Even in the course of this work I am coming across relatives of whom no-one seems to have heard, even in London,
and who were themselves surprised to discover that they had such a broad Family.

And of course, until one clarifies the losses during the Holocaust, it will be impossible to relate to the scale of that disaster for our own Family, however wrong it may be to selfishly relate more to the private loss than to the loss of a whole People.

Preferred professions ? Faith and level of religious observance ? Outstanding achievements ? Ladino speakers ? Interesting histories ? All these are simply not known about enough to attempt any kind of statistical work. But it can be done, as some other Families have done it, although this requires in one word : RESOURCES. And these the Benardouts do not yet seem willing to offer.

Feel free - I will always relate to what you say