The Family in Modern Israel


Patience would truly seem to be a virtue for in 2015, again in 2016 and once again this year (2020) names of Israeli Benardouts have come to light, - names of people some of whom admitted that they did not at all know that they belonged to the Famly just as we knew nothing of them. Now we all know a little more about each other.

The first contact in 2015 was an approach from Bella Yoeli (an American), through this Site, which allowed us to learn that she was the grand-daughter of Ketty Benardout, one of the survivors of the Italian transport from Salonica to Athens, as detailed in the "Lost in the Holocaust " chapter and brought by Daniel Carpi in his book.

A fresh contact this year, initiated by Marlene, produced El-Ad Ben-Achdut, a teacher by profession, who turns out to be a grandson of Avraham Cohen Benardout, - (also known as Alberto since they all had strong Italian culture and apparently citizenship too), - and Ketty's brother ! Grreat Family Reunion !!
Although originally protected by the Italians, the family later had to survive the camps, reaching Israel very shortly after the War. Ketty married Meir Yoeli and moved to the USA, Avraham settled in Holon........and the rest is history. Our family has thus been somewhat brought together with an enthusiasm to know more thus generated. In that alone is our reward, as the saying has it.

The Ben-Achdut family, (they hebraised their name, quite unnecessarily as I did), appears to be quite large I am even happier to report !! There are at least 7 of them in Israel today so far as we have been able to check - based in Holon and Rishon Le Zion of all places - my own home town !! They all use the hebraised version with the forenames of Omri, Lili, Elad (mentioned above), Sophie the mother, Luly, Mirit and Tzipi.

Yoni Ben Ardut from the settlement of Ashchar, (recently married), has at last - May 2016 - linked up through Facebook, - he is a very artistic person by all accounts, - and has most interesting tastes in House and Garden !

As to other members of our Family here, there is below a list of names, (a few perhaps no longer with us), some of whom have been checked out and are known to be members of the Family, - one or two who have actually denied it and the rest who have not yet successfully been approached and although presumed to belong to it in some way or the other, apparently just don't wanna know., - yet !

There is no order to the list. In some cases the immigration may have been from Greece in the 1930's with what is called the "Maccabi Aliya ", (so-called since that group seemed to have belonged mainly to the General Zionist faction of the Zionist Movement), whilst others would have come directly from Greece immediately after WWII and yet others from Turkey amongst the 10,000 that arrived in the 1950's and settled in Tel-Aviv's southern suburbs of Bat-Yam and Holon.

It now seems, thanks to further information received, that the rather angry David Ben Ardut arrived here from Athens, (not Salonika), but had been a victim of the Holocaust having survived Bergen-Belsen to return to Greece and then to have immigrated in about 1948.

Duplications in this List are not starred simply because one does not yet know. The spellings are mainly by way of transliteration of course and must be treated carefully as always.

Lelia Benardouth who was married to Albert "Bob " Haim, (son of Maurice Haim and Rachel Nelly Amar), - she was born in Istanbul by all accounts on 25th May, 1926, and died in Tel-Aviv in 1979 leaving one child, Fred Haim. This detail is from a French geneological web-site kindly provided by Marlene.

Pepe Benardout - lived in Rothschild Boulevard, Tel-Aviv, where he passed away in about 1960. Little is known of him at present except that he had supported a nearby Scouts Troop where a Library was inaugurated in his name in 1966, (at which inauguration your collator was present). However, I have found a list from the Geneva Canton archives showing names of persons "registered at the border during the Second Would War ", but whether ingoing or outcoming is not clear. One Peppo Benardout is shown there, (under Benardouth too), as having been born in Greece on the 5th of May, 1906.

Sharon Ben Ardut - 16, Nordau Street, Ramat Gan. Tel: 03-6709647

David Ben Ardut - Film and Studio Photographers. 2, HaYessod Street, Tel-
Aviv. Tel: 03-68138845

Yonni Grossman Ben Ardut - (mentioned above), - from Ashchar 2, Ashchar - (a Community Village) Tel: 077-7081651. Yonni is by all accounts active in the Settlement as his name appears as representing the settlers vis-a-vis the local authorities.

On Holocaust Day 27th April, 2008, an exhibition was held at the Cameri Theatre of drawings made by a Survivor, David Ben Ardut entitled : "On the Holocaust ". This would likely be, by all accounts, the David mentioned in the Greece chapter as having immigrated in about 1948. Yoni is by all accounts his son.

Author David Ben-Ardut - (HaChaim Publishers), - whether the same David or another one, published an attack on Aharon Barak, (then President of the Supreme Court), concerning the latter's attitude or decisions as to the release of Amos Baranes, - a legal injustice which had clearly made Ben-Ardut extremely angry. His book was entitled "I Accuse " and itself became the subject of civil proceedings in the Supreme Court in Baga "tz File No. 36/2001.

There was also a Civil Appeal (Tel Aviv District Court) No. 7/79 involving him,
the Publishers "HaChaim " and the Broadcasting Authority, possibly on the same matter.

There are references to the Author: "Ben Ardut " as having written and published an educational volume : " The Child's World " - a colour-book for their entertainment. And then there are two volumes by David Ben-Ardut on the Greek Theatre. My assumption for the time being is that this is the same David throughout.

Marlene Sternbach and Family, - are living in Petach Tikvah, the daughter of Sylvia and Cole Benardout, London, (see Facebook).

Nathan Rosenberg and Family - living in Alfei Menashe, the son of Sara Benardout from London, (see Facebook).

Your collator is also amongst this London-born group, - born : Henri Peter Benardout, son of Joseph and Leah (Arditi). Joseph was the second child out of eight of Aharon and Channula Benardout, who themselves reached London in 1901.

One of my married daughters has "restored " the Family name to her Facebook page at least, so that here is a case where it will not totally disappear from view...........

The latest discovery is of the Alfandary Family in the north - Karkur. Rony turns out to be related closely on the maternal side and cousin-wise of course, - to Marlene, - and is also married with children.

Feel free - I will always relate to what you say