Alphabetically - with Detail

This chapter has
not been progressed at all, nor will it be I fear, since it would require total effort and not allow for anything else to be written or even researched.

It has not even been worked out properly but it is an idea which would contribute something of moment if developed. At base, the concept is to
present family members in such a way that any given individual and his or her immediate family history would be quicker and easier to find. This Web-Site could offer enormous possibilities in that direction of course, but that is still far ahead. I suspect that expensive professional computer assistance would be required.

The one Family Tree I have seen starts from about 180 years ago. No-one seems yet to have attempted a truly historical one which is at base the idea here, - an
integrated history, whether we start it from the 1820's, (the earliest dates on that Family Tree), or from the 12th century, (the earliest dates so far found clearly indicating the Family presence in Navarre).

Where possible and for easier cross-referencing, each Family member would be individually identified, (by consecutive number for example), which would allow for the general chronological order to obtain alongside an alphabetical and family-grouping, a professional one, or parents, children and grandchildren, three generations presented together, - all the doctors, all the musicians.......a registration system rather along the lines adopted by Libraries.

Incidental detail would be added in everywhere and as much as possible, - scandals, schooling, profession, workplace, sports, hobbies and so forth, in addition to all the straight-forward genealogical matter.

The Families whose Head used HaCohen in the name would appear under HaCohen, (whether placed before or after Benardout in practice), just so as to ensure that its use is not completely forgotten - and for no other reason.

The Family is asked to submit further such ideas for development, - as you think fit of course, - and to contribute what it can.
Feel free - I will always relate to what you say