Identity Imperative
THE FIRST ARTICLE is a very interesting and recent study directly concerning the early days of (inter alia) Grandfather Aharon and his Family who arrived in the UK in 1902 and later on Azriel and those who came after the First World War.

It shows the very unconventional if not rather weird way in which the British Government almost bent over backwards to treat Ottoman Jews like the Benardouts as acceptable residents in England even though they were technically Enemy Aliens, - and the trials and tribulations of those who underwent this peculiar beaurocratic process.

I learnt from it and for the first time that my own Mother, who was third generation British-born, actually lost her citizenship when marrying my still Turkish Father, but regained it thanks only to his naturalisation in 1931......totally uncontrollable results of Home Office policy. As I said - "weird ".

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THE SECOND ARTICLE is the work long-since published by a Student, - ably assisted by some Family members at the time, - covering the immigration and settlement of Ottoman - read "Saloniki " - Jews in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century with direct reeferences to the Family amongst others, of course.

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