Some Books to Read

For the better enjoyment and understanding of the Family story, a few library volumes are mentioned here which might give pleasure in the very reading of them, - for the background of it, - as the Irish might say. This is absolutely not an attempt to influence nor to do any more than stir up the juices of general interest. There are many more bibliographical references brought throughout the previous pages.

Most of these works have not yet themselves been reviewed in any real depth in order to incorporate data from them

rof. Yitzhak Baer - A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, - (2 volumes). Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, 1966.
Jerome L. Shneidman - Jews and Royal Bailiffs in 13th Century Aragon. Historia Judaica 19 (1957) pp. 55-66.
Arieh Shmuelevitz - The Jews of the Ottoman Empire in the late 15th and 16th Centuries. E.J. Brill, Leyden - 1984.
Alcata Angel - Judios,, Sefarditas, Conversos - La expulsion de 1492 y sus consecuensias. Ambito, Valladolid, 1995.
Eliezer Bashan - Contacts between Jews in Smyrna and the Levant Company of London in the 17th-18th Centuries. Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England - 29 (1988) pp. 53-73.
Esther BenBassa - The Jews in the Ottoman Empire. Cerf, Paris - and much more. This Lady is a prolific writer of History.
Dr. Cecil Roth - The House of Nasi - The Duke of Naxos. The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1948.
Daniel Carpi - (Editor) - Italian Diplomatic Documents on the History of the Holocaust in Greece. Diaspora Research Institute. Tel Aviv University, 1999.
"Souvenir " - Images of the Jewish Community of Salonika 1897 - 1917. This is a collection of photographs and postcards, edited in Greek and English from that period, published in honour of the 400 years since the Expulsion from Spain. This volume is particularly useful for learning the local language describing all aspects of Jewish life in Salonika, - basically Ladino of course. Published by Kapon, Athens, 1993.
Mair Jose Benardete - Hispanic Character and Culture of the Sephardic Jews. Hispanic Institute in the USA, New York, 1953 and republished by Sepher-Hermon Press Inc., New York 1982.

No Main Author
- The Jewish Heritage of Spain - an Introduction to the great Achievements of the Jews of Spain from 711 - 1492. The Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies Culture, New York, 1969.
No Main Author - Children of the Survivors of the Holocaust in Greece. Published by the Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies Culture, New York, 1996.

Joseph Shatzmiller -
Jews, Medicine, and Medieval Society - (University of California Press - 1994), which provides the detail for the chapter on Family Doctors in the Middle Ages.
Julia Phillips Cohen - Becoming Ottomans - Sephardi Jews and Imperial Citizenship in the Modern Era - Oxford University Press - 2014.
Julia Phillips Cohen - Sephardi Lives - A Documentary History 1700-1950, Stanford University Press, 2014.
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